August 30, 2021

What You’ll Learn During Freshman Year

You’ll learn plenty during your freshman year — not just related to your field of study but also some important life lessons. These will help you during the rest of your time at university and beyond. It’s beneficial to learn some of these lessons as early as possible.

1. Your University Has a Variety of Resources Available

Too many students rely just on their classes to give them everything they need when, in fact, your university has a vast array of resources at your disposal. You can use office hours to ask your professors questions, gain extra help from tutors when you’re struggling, and find other types of support from advisors. Plus, your university may run workshops and offer other services to help you with skills like essay writing. Never feel like you’re a burden: the resources at your college are there for your advantage.

2. To Be Open Minded

You likely went to school with other people from similar backgrounds to you. University is completely different: not only will people from all over the country be attending, your college may also have a large number of international students. Keeping an open mind will enable you to make friends from diverse cultures and learn much more about the world. This could even lead to unique opportunities for you in the future.

3. Staying Organized Is Key to Success

Many students find there’s a big jump from high school to university due to the amount of responsibility that falls on their shoulders. You’ll no longer have anyone making sure that you attend class and submit assignments on time. Plus, you’ll need to do a large amount of studying in your own time. If you fail to study on a regular basis, you’ll find it’s much more difficult to catch up than it was at high school.

To avoid falling behind, purchase a planner or download an app before your first class. Use it to make a note of your schedule (including a study routine), due dates, and exams.

4. You Don’t Need to Have Your Life Planned Out

Some students you’ll meet will be studying with a specific career path in mind. However, there will be plenty of others who have no idea what they want to do. You may end up realizing that you’re less passionate about a subject than you originally thought or discover another potential career. It’s fine to change your study goals, even when that means switching majors or picking up a minor.

5. To Take Time for Yourself

When you start university, it’s tempting to fill your schedule with extracurriculars and go to every social event. When you add in classes and all the time you need to spend studying, nothing is left for you. This is a problem because being constantly busy and surrounded by other people is exhausting. You need to give yourself time to relax and to enjoy activities you like to do on your own, whether that’s art projects, practicing yoga, or watching your favourite TV series.

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