January 8, 2022

Ways to Become a Better Online Learner

At the moment, most students are doing some form of online learning. You may have opted to complete your entire degree online, or it could be that just some of your classes are virtual. Although there are many advantages to online learning, there may be times when you find it difficult to stay motivated. Nonetheless, it is possible to succeed — and even excel — with online classes when you use the right strategies.

Take Notes

It’s easy for online classes to become a passive activity. To stop your mind from wandering, take notes. Not only will this mean you’ll have to pay attention, but notes are also valuable to refer back to later when preparing for a test or writing a paper.

You may find it easier to write notes by hand than to split your screen and type. In fact, many students find this to be a good practice anyway, since writing by hand tends to make the information stick. If you want a digital copy of your notes, you can always type them up later. Plus, you can use the opportunity to organize your notes and to remind yourself of what you covered in class.

Form a Study Group

It’s always easier to stay motivated when you study with others. Forming a study group is a great way to discuss difficult concepts, test each other with flashcards, and do activities to check your understanding. You may be able to meet up with your group on campus or at someone’s student housing. Alternatively, you could form an online study group. Whatever you do should help you feel more engaged with the material.

Create a Schedule

University is already more difficult than high school for many students due to the flexibility. In some cases, online classes can further decrease the sense of accountability. Make sure you’re using your time wisely by creating a schedule that includes classes, study time, and other activities. Be as specific as you can when adding items to your schedule — this will ensure you always know what you should be working on. You should find that having a detailed schedule keeps you on track and prevents a rush before a due date.

Since it’s easier to forget about classes when they’re online than when they’re in person, set reminders. In addition, aim to log onto your classes around five minutes early. You should find you never miss a class or arrive late again.

Keep in Contact with Your Faculty

Online students often feel isolated simply because they never see their professors beyond the screen. Don’t feel like you need to battle with your studies alone. If you’re struggling to understand something, have doubts about an upcoming assignment, or need any other kind of support, send your professor an email. It’s good practice anyway to stay in contact with faculty members, as you may need them for references in the future.

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