August 26, 2021

Social Media Tips for University Students

If you’re a university student, social media is likely a major part of your life. It’s a place to follow new friends and stay in touch with old ones, to show off what you’re up to, and check out what adventures others are having. However, social media can be for so much more than this. Use it the right way and you can even enhance your college experience — but use it the wrong way and social media could hurt you in the future, particularly in regard to job opportunities. After all, even if you post something privately or delete it, there’s always a risk it could come out later.

With this in mind, there are certain things every university student should (and shouldn’t) do on social media.

1. Build Positive Online Presence

It’s useful to have an online presence. In fact, university is the perfect time to start building one based around your career goals (if you haven’t already begun). Share industry news to show you have an interest, or post pictures about projects you’re involved in. In addition to making a good impression, this will help you build contacts and stay up to date with what’s happening in your field. LinkedIn is a top choice, as you can build a network with other people who are studying the same major as you and perhaps some of your professors.

2. Keep Posts Interesting

Give contacts a reason to start following you — otherwise, you may lose someone who could be a valuable connection in the future. Avoid posting too often or sharing content that no one finds interesting. If you notice that everyone ignores some of your posts, stop sharing similar things. Always ask yourself: If someone else posted this, would I find it interesting?

3. Find Out What Already Exists About You

It’s important to Google yourself on a regular basis. This way, you’ll know what comes up when a potential employer searches for you. The likelihood is you’ll find that several results are from social media. If anything appears that you don’t want others to see, delete the content from your account.

Another way to influence search results is to create a personal website where you showcase your achievements. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to enter a creative field.

4. Never Post Inappropriate Photos Anywhere

It’s a bad idea to post any photos where you’re doing anything illegal, or anything that just gives a negative impression of you. You should even be careful when a post is temporary, such as on Snapchat or a story on another platform, as there’s always a chance that someone will take a screenshot.

5. Avoid Complaining

Although social media posts with negative sentiment tend to be less damaging to your reputation than inappropriate pictures, they certainly don’t contribute to a positive image of you. In particular, avoid shaming or demeaning someone — like an ex-friend, your manager, or a professor. If you have gripe, keep it off social media, as something you meant to be private could easily go public.

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