March 1, 2021

8 Compelling Reasons to Live Off Campus

It used to be that dorms were the only affordable student housing option. The good news is that there are now many student apartments near Carleton University, and students now have plenty of choices when it comes to where they live.

If you can’t decide which living accommodations are right for your needs, here are some compelling reasons to consider apartment living. 


You can choose your own roommates.

Most college dorms pair roommates together randomly. But what if you don’t get along with your roommate?

Living off campus gives you the ability to choose the people you share a space with. You’ll be able to choose roommates that have the same schedule, habits, and preferences as you, resulting in a more harmonious living space.    


You may have a larger space. 

If your group of friends want to live together, it will be easy enough to do so in a student flat like The Revalie. We offer a range of apartment sizes, from bachelor suites to 4-bedroom apartments, allowing you to enjoy the company of others while still maintaining your privacy. 


You may have your own bathroom

If sharing a bathroom with other people sounds less than appealing, then living in a student apartment is for you. You’ll get to have your own bathroom, or at least have one that’s shared by fewer people. Contrast this with dorm life, where many other students may be using the same showers. 


You’ll save with a furnished apartment.

There are student apartments that offer fully furnished suites, so you no longer have to bring your own furniture. This will help you save big on furniture and moving costs.

And even though the units have been furnished, you’ll still have the freedom to decorate them as you see fit. 


You’ll have a larger room.

Dorms are notorious for being small and cramped. You’d need to get creative to maximize your space and ensure you have enough room for sleeping, studying, and relaxing between classes. A student apartment gives you lots of private and communal living space, so you can bring in more stuff to make your student life easier.   


You can eat healthy in your own home.

You no longer have to subsist on ramen and dining hall food when you live in an apartment. You’ll have access to a kitchen complete with appliances. You can save money once you stop eating out and start cooking your own food. You also get to shop for healthy ingredients and cook filling, nutritious meals right in your apartment.   


You’ll gain life skills.

Living in your own apartment instills a sense of responsibility and gives you new skills that will be useful later on in life. You’ll learn budgeting skills once you manage the money for rent, bills, and groceries. You’ll also develop skills by doing prepping meals and cooking. Finally, you’ll learn to clean up, and how to keep your space neat and clean. 


Develop better study habits 

Living in a dorm means you might have to interact with different people at all hours of the day. A student apartment is quieter and will have fewer distractions. You can even talk to your roommates to discuss study hours and create living spaces that allow you to study in peace.    


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