January 1, 2021

Space-Saving Organization Tips for Students

The home you grew up in is familiar and comfortable, but once you transition to life at university, it’s time to make your student rental your new home. With a few tweaks to your surroundings, your new space will feel cozy and complete. 

But let’s be real for just a second: with all of the stuff you’re bringing to university (not to mention all of your roommates’ belongings), your student apartment can start to look like a big mess in very little time. Before you know it, there won’t be a lot of room to breathe and move in comfortably.

Here are some organizational tips that will make your student apartment a great place to sleep, study, and live in.


Closet space savers

Your dresser probably won’t be as big as the one in your bedroom at home, but there are ways to make all of your clothes fit. 

Folded clothes take up less space than those that are hung, so set aside time to fold your laundry. For the items you do need to hang, add a double closet rod and some wall hooks to maximize the space in your closet.


Multifunctional furniture 

Are you shopping for furniture for your student rentals? Ottawa has plenty of affordable furniture stores to shop from. Consider buying compact furnishings that have more than one purpose, such as a headboard with shelving options, an ottoman with storage underneath, or a laptop desk that can serve as a breakfast tray.


Under the bed space

Use the space under your bed to store seasonal clothing, as well as the notes and books from last semester. Install bed risers to increase your storage space and use clear plastic bins so you’ll know what’s inside without having to open them. These transparent boxes will prevent you from digging through bins to find exactly what you need. 


Stacking modular organizers

Use these organizers to clear off your working surface and give yourself additional space. You can store jewelry, makeup, and skincare products in your vanity table. You can also use them to stash your pens, highlighters, notepads, and other school supplies in your study desk.      


Over the toilet storage

Tired of all the toiletries and makeup clogging your bathroom countertops? The space above your toilet is probably underutilized. An over-the-toilet storage rack would be the perfect place to stash all of your toiletries.


Throw-all basket

Instead of overloading your bed, buy a large basket to store your phone, charger, water bottle, TV remote, books, snacks, and other knick knacks. 

This is an excellent way to keep everything you need within an arm’s reach at the side of your bed. This way, you won’t have to lose your phone in the sheets or have it fall from your bed. 


Command hooks 

Since your student apartment is a temporary home, a no-adhesive, no installation storage solution is a must. Make command hooks your best friend and put them all over the place. You can install and remove them without damaging your walls.

Hang them by your front door to corral your keys. In your bedroom, use them to hang family photos and artwork.


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