May 27, 2023

How to Get More Out of Your Online Classes

University always requires a certain amount of self-discipline and motivation, but this is even more the case for online classes. It can be difficult to keep your focus when you’re staring at a screen for several hours a day. To avoid burnout and to take full advantage of your education, there are a few things you need to do.

1. Create a Space for Taking Online Classes

Designate a certain place for taking online classes. This will put you in the right frame of mind for your classes by leading you to associate the location with studying. Choose a place that’s comfortable and where you’re unlikely to be distracted, whether that’s your desk, the couch in your living room, or a communal study area.

2. Put Your Phone Away

It’s much easier to look at your phone while you’re in an online class than when a professor is standing in front of you. However, you’ll lose a huge amount of information if you try to divide your attention between your phone and the class. To avoid temptations, it’s best to put your phone out of reach and turn off notifications on your laptop.

3. Tell Roommates Not to Disturb You

If you have roommates, make it clear they shouldn’t talk to you while you’re in online classes. This is less of a problem if you take classes in the privacy of your bedroom, but it could be a problem if you share a dorm room or want to take classes in a shared space. You may like to let your roommates know your schedule to make it clear when you’re doing something important.

4. Split Your Screen to Take Notes

Avoid needing to constantly jump from watching the presentation your professor is giving to the document where you’re writing your notes by splitting your screen. Most modern laptops have this capability.

Alternatively, you could take notes in a physical notebook — many students find this helps with their retention. If you like to have digital notes to keep things organized, you can always type them up after class as a chance to consolidate what you learned.

5. Go Outdoors

Avoid spending the entire day behind a screen and under artificial light. Use your breaks to go outdoors to catch some sunlight. A short walk is great for clearing your mind and adding some exercise to your day.

6. Cut Your Exposure to Blue Light

The blue light that screens emit can be damaging to your eyes and make it more difficult for you to sleep. Some computer models have a blue light filter for the night, but it may also be worth purchasing some glasses that block blue light, especially if you’ve been suffering from headaches or fatigue since starting online classes.

7. Stay Hydrated

Another way to stay healthy during your online classes is to drink plenty of water — this is crucial for improving your concentration. Since it can be easy to forget to drink, you may like to keep a reusable water bottle close by you at all times.

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