May 16, 2024

How to Celebrate the End of Finals Week

Finals week is one of the most stressful times at university — but, luckily, it doesn’t last forever. Make sure you have some ideas for how you’ll celebrate to reward yourself for all your hard work. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Go Camping

You may want to forget about university entirely for a couple days after you finish your finals. Find a friend with a car (or use your own) to take a road trip for the weekend to somewhere you can camp, such as a national park, lake, or forest. This will be more affordable than booking a hotel — and likely even more fun.

2. Explore Your City

Finals week is a reminder that you’re one step closer to graduation. Make sure you see everything your university town has to offer before it’s too late by dedicating a weekend to visiting any top sites you’ve neglected. You could visit a zoo, amusement park, or museums or spend time outdoors by climbing trees in local parks, exploring hiking trails, or kayaking on the river.

3. Host a Party

Students are always looking for an excuse to throw a party — and nothing beats the end of finals week. If you don’t know of any parties you’d like to attend, throw one yourself in your student apartment.

4. Organize a Games Night

If you prefer smaller get-togethers than big parties, consider hosting a games night instead. Ask your friends to bring any games they have over to your apartment and supply plenty of snacks to ensure you have a fun evening.

5. Bake Some Treats

If you don’t have much time to celebrate due to other commitments or you just want something lowkey, consider doing some baking at home. This is a fun activity to do on your own or with a small group of friends. Experiment with new recipes or make some comforting favourites and share the results with roommates, members of your study groups, and other friends.

6. Have a Fancy Dinner

If you’re not much of a cook yourself, you may prefer to eat out. Head to your favourite restaurant or pick somewhere you’ve never been but have always wanted to try.

7. Relax

For some students, the chance to relax is celebration enough. Dedicate some time to self-care — whatever that means to you. You may like to catch up on sleep, watch some movies, or practise mindfulness to reflect on your achievements.

Now is also a good time to become better prepared for your next finals week. For instance, you should look for off-campus housing where you’ll be able to improve your study habits — and have a place to properly celebrate when your exams are over. You’ll find rooms to rent near Carleton University at the Revalie. In addition to the desk in your fully-furnished apartment, you’ll have access to 20,000 square feet of communal and private study areas. When you need a break, head to the Clubhouse, which is made up of a social lounge and games room with big-screen TVs, pool tables, and video gaming. Contact us now to take advantage of our one month free on select floor plans.

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