July 30, 2023

How to Avoid Being Late to Your Classes

At university, no one tells you to go to your classes — your professors may not even check attendance. All this freedom may mean you start turning up late for class. However, not only will this mean you’re not taking full advantage of your education, it may also be difficult for you to shake the habit in the future when punctuality does matter. The good news is there are a few simple things you can do to ensure you arrive on time, even to your early morning classes.

1. Set Your Watch Forward

Change the time on your watch to 20 or 30 minutes later than it actually is. Although you’ll know you’ve done this, you should find it tricks you to move a little faster — especially early in the morning when your brain hasn’t fully woken up yet. By using this strategy, you may even end up arriving to classes early.

2. Have a Bedtime

You’ll only have the energy to go to your classes if you’ve had enough sleep. Try to stick to a bedtime at least on weekdays and particularly on nights before you have an early class. This may mean declining some invitations or leaving events early. No one enjoys this, but you need to put your education first — besides, there will always be more parties.

3. Take Naps

If staying up late one night is unavoidable, catch up on your sleep the next day with naps. If you have time, one long nap may be sufficient. Otherwise, fitting short naps into your day whenever you have a break can help you feel refreshed for each of your classes. Just remember to set an alarm to avoid being late!

4. Create a Morning Routine

Your issue may not be gaining enough sleep — it could be that you just don’t enjoy getting out of bed. In this case, you need something to incentivize you. Establish a pleasant morning routine where you give yourself time to prepare for the day ahead. It could include mindfulness to set an intention, some gentle stretches, your favourite hot beverage, or a tasty breakfast.

5. Find a Study Partner

By having a study partner, you’ll be letting someone else down as well as yourself if you arrive late to class. Choose someone reliable and arrange to meet before class. You could simply walk to class together or you could even grab a coffee or lunch beforehand (depending on the time of day).

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