August 3, 2021

A List of Back-to-University Apartment Essentials

Moving into your first apartment at university is an exciting time, but it’s important you come prepared. Bringing all the essentials you need will have a big impact on your experience. For instance, if you bring too much, your living space may feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, if you forget some items, you may need to rush out to buy what you’re missing at the last minute. To help you, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of everything you need to make your apartment feel like home.

1. Decorative Items

Infuse personality into your apartment by bringing throw pillows, rugs, candles, and framed photos, and posters or art for your walls. If you know you’ll put in the effort to keep them alive, also consider having some plants.

2. Bedding

Pack plenty of bedding, including sheets, a quilt, a mattress pad, and pillows. Also remember to check if your bedroom comes with a mattress.

3. Storage Bins

You’ll find storage bins hugely useful — especially if you have limited closet space. You can use them for all sorts of things, such as textbooks from past classes, shoes, off-season clothes, and other items you only need occasionally.

4. Window Treatments

It’s essential to have appropriate window coverings. For instance, blackout curtains in your bedroom will allow you to keep sleeping after the sun rises. Plus, if you have large windows, the right window treatments can help keep your apartment warm, which is extra important if you’re paying for utilities separately.

5. Mirror

Most bathrooms already have a mirror, but you’ll find it annoying if you need to leave your bedroom every time you want to check your appearance. Besides, having a mirror will reflect light to make a room feel larger and more welcoming.

6. Shower Curtain

You’ll quickly realize the importance of a shower curtain if you try to shower without one. Avoid needing to dry the entire bathroom every time you shower by purchasing one in advance, along with a liner and rings. The great thing about a shower curtain is it changes the appearance of the entire bathroom, making it a top way to personalize the room.

7. Bath Mat

Almost as bad as a lack of shower curtain is no bath mat. Stepping out of the hot shower onto cold, damp tiles is an experience you want to skip.

8. Lamps

It’s difficult to read textbooks and take notes on paper without a desk lamp, especially if you’re studying late into the evening. You may also like to have a floor lamp for the living room for more control over the lighting.

9. Cleaning Supplies

You’ll need enough supplies to clean every room in your apartment. Think about what that involves to ensure you have everything. It will likely include a mop, toilet brush, cloths, sponges, disinfectants, detergent, and trash bags.

10. Dishes and Utensils

When deciding how many dishes to bring, consider how many people may be eating at your apartment. You should purchase enough for at least four people, but you may want a higher number of essentials like glasses and mugs for convenience. As for silverware and utensils, just stick to the basics. Consider what you normally use for cooking — or what you’ll need for any recipes you want to try.

11. Kitchen Appliances

Most kitchens come with all the large appliances you need, but your apartment may be missing some of the smaller gadgets you use on a regular basis. This could include a microwave, toaster, and a coffee maker.

You’ll need to bring far fewer things if you live in off-campus Ottawa student housing than if you rent an apartment. At The Revalie, you’ll receive a fully-furnished suite that you’ll either share with a couple other students or have to yourself. Take a virtual tour to see our student housing for yourself.

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