October 24, 2023

A Comprehensive List of What to Bring for Classes

The things you need for university will be quite different from what you needed for your high school classes. In addition to the obvious things like stationery, notebooks, and a laptop, there are a few things you may not have thought of. Make sure you have everything you need to be prepared for your first day of classes.

1. Large Backpack

Since there are often no lockers at university, you need to carry around everything you need the entire day. This calls for a large and sturdy backpack. Your backpack should have plenty of compartments to keep things separate, including a cup holder and padded laptop sleeve. To maximize comfort, look for one that has shoulder pads on the straps and make sure you can adjust the length of the straps to fit you.

2. Headphone Case

Whether you use over-the-ear headphones, wired earphones, or wireless earbuds, you should have a case. This will prevent your headphones from becoming damaged, tangled, or lost in your backpack. A design in a bright colour is ideal for standing out among your other belongings. You may even like a case that has a clip to be able to attach your headphones to the outside of your backpack for easy access.

3. Portable Charger

There may be days when you need to use your phone constantly but are unable to find anywhere to charge it. A portable charger is ideal for boosting the battery no matter where you are. It can also be a lifesaver if you forget to charge your phone overnight and only realize the battery is almost dead when you’re about to head out for your first class of the day. Keep your portable charger fully charged and with you at all times.

4. Hand Sanitizer

You may not always have the chance to wash your hands before you grab a snack or meal. Hand sanitizer is the next best thing to soap and water. It’s also worth using some after classes and whenever else you’ve touched a surface that countless other people touched before you. Use a product that’s at least 60% alcohol for effective protection.

5. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated during the day to avoid feeling rundown and to maintain your focus. Instead of wasting money and increasing your calorie intake by purchasing beverages on campus, drink water. Purchase a proper water bottle or thermos rather than a single-use plastic bottle — these can start to leach chemicals when you refill them and will eventually leak.

6. Bandana

Having a cloth bandana or two will be more useful than you imagine. As well as being an accessory, it can be a face covering (great if everyone around you is coughing and sneezing), a handkerchief (in the case you’re the one with a cold), or even a rag for mopping up spills. Find one that suits your personal style.

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