September 9, 2022

7 of the Best Websites for Students

Some of the most useful resources you can have as a student are websites. They can provide you with everything from tools that will help you with your studies to advice, information, and news. There are a few websites in particular that you should bookmark in your browser.

1. Rate My Professors

Whether you’re unsure about signing up for a class or you just want to know more about your professors at the start of the semester, Rate My Professors is the place to go. Enter your school name and search for any professor to find ratings and reviews. The site is also ideal for leaving your own reviews after you finish a class — you may like to commend a fantastic professor or offer students advice on how to deal with a professor who’s hard to please.

2. Docsity

Countless students already have study notes that could be relevant to you. Access these notes along with lectures, past exams, and other types of content created by students and professors at Docsity. The website is ideal for preparing for tests, gaining insights you could use in your own assignments, and improving your understanding of concepts you cover in class.

3. Bigwords

You want to spend as little as possible on textbooks, but it can be time consuming to visit every online bookstore. Bigwords searches a wide range of online stores at once to find you the best offers to buy new or used, rent a physical copy, or download an ebook. The site also checks for coupons and promo codes to help you save even more.

4. Swagbucks

A popular way students can make extra cash in their free time is by completing online surveys. Swagbucks is a platform where you can find paid surveys along with videos to watch and purchases to make that will earn you rewards. You’ll be paid in cash to a PayPal account or through gift cards for stores you’re buying from anyway, such as Amazon and Walmart.

5. College Fashion

Find out what’s trending among college and university students at College Fashion. There are packing lists, ideas for decorating your student apartment, outfit ideas for different occasions, suggestions for graduation gifts, and much more.

6. Wikipedia

When you encounter a term you don’t understand, turn to Wikipedia. It has all the background information you could need on virtually any topic. You can also use the site as a starting point for papers — just confirm there are references for the information you want to use.

7. Reddit

One of the best places to stay up to date with the news is Reddit, since the top news stories are chosen by users rather than an editorial team. You can also use Reddit to connect with other students at your university and around the world as well as professionals and others who share an interest in your area of study.

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