May 27, 2024

You may have experienced “senioritis” during your last year of high school. It’s when you suddenly lose your motivation, often due to fears about what’s to come. You may also feel like you have an insurmountable number of tasks to complete before you graduate. Although you may be unable to prevent these feelings entirely, you can take steps to keep your motivation high and continue progressing.

1. Trick Yourself into Feeling Motivated

Simple tricks like purchasing a new planner and equipping your desk with fresh school supplies may help motivate you for the year ahead. Get excited for the new classes, challenges, and experiences you’ll have this year.

2. Set Targets

To avoid becoming fixated on the major goal of graduating, set yourself smaller targets to work toward throughout the year. These should lead you to achieve the grades you want from your classes, find a great internship for the summer, and begin career planning for after you graduate.

3. Work Toward Your Goals Every Day

Even some small targets may feel unmanageable at times. To ensure you feel like you’re progressing, break them down into daily tasks. Simple things like reviewing your notes from your classes that day, spending some time updating your resume, and adding a couple more possibilities for internships to a spreadsheet will all lead you closer to meeting your goals.

4. Celebrate Your Achievements

During your early years at university, even small wins probably felt like a big deal. With your graduation looming, it’s important to remember that minor milestones still matter. Whenever you finish a paper, submit an internship application, or reach out to network with a professional in your field, reward yourself with something you enjoy. This may be something as simple as some self-care time, an afternoon nap, or a walk in your favourite park. You should also have some big rewards in mind for larger achievements, like gaining an excellent grade or receiving an interview for an internship.

5. Use Your Support System

It’s important to remember you’re not alone in your struggle with “senioritis” — the likelihood is many of your friends are feeling the same way. Make sure you support each other during this time. For instance, forming a study group is a great way to ensure you all stay focused on your coursework. Pick a different place to meet each week, perhaps rotating between your apartments or using the opportunity to visit your favourite coffee shops together.

6. Have Fun

You should also take steps to make sure you enjoy your remaining time at university to the fullest. Keep looking for opportunities to socialize, such as by attending seasonal activities on campus, going on adventures, and finding new places to visit nearby — before it’s too late.

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