March 6, 2022

6 Benefits to Staying Involved with Your University

As your graduation date nears, there are several things you need to think about. For instance, you need to apply to graduate by the deadline, make any outstanding payments, rent your academic regalia, and confirm your permanent address to receive your credentials. One extra consideration is whether you’ll want to stay involved with your university. While this may seem unimportant now, you may be glad you did in the future for all the benefits you receive — including the following.

1. Take Advantage of Discounts

Alumni who pay for association membership can receive discounts from all kinds of places. If you stay living near your university, you may be able to access the library and fitness centre for free, receive a discount for the campus bookstore, and attend student performances. You may also receive a special price for continuing education classes, including online classes.

There’s a good chance that your alumni association partners with businesses as well. You may find discounts for anything from insurance and museum tickets to flights and hotels. Some alumni associations even have their own travel companies, which offer services like guided tours and personalized travel itineraries. Check out what discounts you could receive to determine if membership would be worthwhile to you.

2. Attend Alumni Events

It’s easy to fall out of touch with many people from university after you graduate, especially if your friends move all across the country or even the globe. Alumni events will help you stay in contact with everyone. For example, you may be able to join dedicated alumni clubs for events in your area or attend big college reunions for important anniversaries.

3. Expand Your Network

Other students, professors, and faculty members you meet at university can become valuable contacts. Staying involved with your alma mater will keep you connected to these individuals, such as for references, to hear about job positions, and to stay in the loop for other opportunities.

4. Use Career Services

You’re likely using the career services at your university right now to explore job options and for support with things like crafting a resume or interview tips. Many universities continue offering these services to alumni, which can be useful if you ever want to change careers, if you need help advancing in your current career, or if you decide to return to education and want advice about the application.

5. Participate in Volunteering Opportunities

You may like to give back to your alma mater by supporting new students or the community as a whole. Opportunities to volunteer can include joining a committee, helping at an event, or giving a guest lecture. If you’re unable to give your time, you could make a donation to a scholarship.

6. Retain Your Email Address

Shortly after you graduate, you’ll lose access to your student email. However, with an alumni membership, you can keep this email address permanently. This can be great for your image, as it will show that you’re affiliated with your school, which you may prefer to a generic domain. Plus, having this email address may open up even more discounts and you’ll keep all the messages associated with the account.

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