July 19, 2023

11 Helpful Apps for University Students

Apps can do much more than keep you entertained. The best ones for university students can help you succeed with your academics, stay organized, and adapt to living independently. Here are a few you might consider downloading.

1. Blackboard

Many universities provide students with information about their classes through Blackboard. If you’re taking online classes or your in-person classes have virtual elements, you’ll likely need the app to find materials, submit assignments, and check your grades.

2. Canvas

Your university may use Canvas rather than Blackboard. It has many of the same functionalities. You just need to find out which app your school uses.

3. Evernote

Note-taking is hugely important for students, but many struggle to organize their notes in a way that makes sense. Evernote can help you create digital notes and will keep everything in one place by syncing across devices. You can also store web pages, create to-do lists, and digitize paper documents.

4. MindMeister

If you prefer to take notes in mind map form, you may like MindMeister. The free app helps you plan papers, share ideas with others, and save all your mind maps to the cloud.

5. Your School’s App

Most universities now have their own app. You’ll find it helpful for staying up to date with news, learning about upcoming events, reading safety information, and having a map of campus.

6. Mendeley

As you progress through university, you’ll find you need a reference manager to keep track of your sources. Mendeley is a great choice because it also allows you to annotate PDFs, share your library of sources with others, and generate references in the academic style you need.

7. Google Calendar

You’ll need a calendar at university to manage your busy schedule. In addition to remembering classes, you’ll need to keep track of appointments, due dates for assignments, and meetings. With the Google Calendar app, you can create a schedule, share your availability with other people, and set reminders for important events.

8. Google Drive

A second useful app from Google is Google Drive. This allows you to store all your documents in the cloud for free — no matter what happens to your devices, your documents will be safely backed up. You can also use the app to collaborate seamlessly on projects with other students.

9. AnkiMobile Flashcards

You’ll definitely need flashcards during your time at university. They’re ideal for learning key terms and concepts in preparation for your exams, practicing with your study group, and keeping a condensed record of your notes. A top choice to consider is AnkiMobile Flashcards. The app is free for both Android and iOS and it supports multimedia as well as text.

10. Duolingo

To gain more practice outside your language classes, download Duolingo. You may even like to use the app to learn another language that could benefit you, such as one your school doesn’t offer. The app has more than 40 languages to choose from and all the content is free.

11. MyLifeOrganized

If you’re struggling to stay on top of all your responsibilities, download MyLifeOrganized. The app allows you to create to-do lists and manage your personal tasks to stay on track with your priorities.

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