August 27, 2023

10 First Aid & Wellness Supplies for Your Student Apartment

At home, you rely on your parents’ medicine cabinet being fully stocked with all the medicines and supplies you need to recover from illness and treat cuts, bruises, or other injuries. When you move into a student apartment, it’s up to you to make sure you have all these things. To create a comprehensive first aid and wellness kit, add the following to your packing checklist.

1. Bandages

We all suffer from cuts occasionally. Purchase a set of adhesive bandages in an array of sizes to cope with any minor accident.

2. Antiseptic

Make sure you have an antiseptic cream or spray in your first aid kit. You’ll heal cuts, scrapes, and bruises much faster if you avoid them becoming infected.

3. Cold and Flu Medicine

Big groups of people in close proximity provide the ideal environment for viruses to spread. Plus, you’re extra likely to fall ill at the start of university because you’ll be around so many new people. Come prepared with cold and flu medicine to ease aches and pains, clear congestion, and bring down your fever.

4. Throat Lozenges

You’ll also want relief from your sore throat when you have a cold. Find some throat lozenges in your favourite flavour to add to your first aid kit. Lozenges are also ideal for when you’re suffering from an itchy throat due to the air conditioning being turned up too high.

5. Thermometer

When you fall sick, it’s important to know you have nothing more serious than a bad cold. A thermometer will allow you to confirm that your temperature is within the safe range.

6. Cough Medicine

A nasty cough can keep you up at night and annoy others in your classes. Make sure cough medicine is part of your wellness supplies instead of waiting until you need it — a cough can strike at any time and it may be inconvenient to get to a pharmacy.

7. Menthol Gel

Athletes already know the importance of menthol gel. If you intend to get fit while you’re at university, this is something you’ll definitely need to treat the muscle aches you’ll have the day after a hard workout. It’s also ideal for backache after you’ve been sitting at your desk for too long and for sprains.

8. Heating Pad

Another way to ease back pain (as well as things like cramps and neck strain) is to use a heating pad. Although it’s a little more expensive than many of these other wellness supplies, it’s worth the investment.

9. Ice Pack

For muscle sprains, on the other hand, you need something cool rather than hot. An ice pack is ideal. Even if you’re not an athlete, you should have one in case you sprain your ankle rushing to class or just misstepping. You can also use ice packs for easing the discomfort of stress hives.

10. Hydrocortisone Cream

If you like to spend your weekends outdoors, you’ll need some hydrocortisone cream in your wellness supplies. This will be your saviour if you suffer from a rash due to brushing against a plant or if you come back from a day in the countryside covered in mosquito bites.

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