November 5, 2021

Which Degrees Have the Best Career Prospects?

A university education can open many doors, often resulting in a much higher-paying job than a high school education alone. Of course, while some students finish high school knowing exactly what career they want to pursue, many have no idea. A good place to start is by considering what degrees lead to the best career prospects and then thinking about how each of these options relates to your skills and interests. Here’s a few options with excellent career prospects to consider.

1. Management Sciences

Many top careers are in the business world, but you’ll be in the position to pursue some of the best-paying jobs of all if you have a degree in management sciences. You’ll need to have a good head for numbers, since there’s an emphasis on statistics (particularly for applying models and theories to business situations), and you should have a passion for programming. A degree can lead to a career in administration, analysis, or marketing. Note that many employees prefer a master’s degree rather than just a bachelor’s degree.

2. Finance

Another way to enter the business world is with a degree in finance. You’ll start your degree by gaining a strong foundation in general business studies. Then, over your last two years at university, you’ll take mostly finance courses. After you graduate, you’ll be prepared to work at all kinds of businesses and financial institutions as a mortgage broker, portfolio manager, or analyst or in another kind of financial role.

3. Chemical Engineering

Any degree in engineering is a great choice, but chemical engineering has the best prospects of all. You’ll start your degree by taking foundational engineering courses, which cover math and science, and later you’ll be able to choose specialist courses to learn about the processes that turn raw materials into products.

4. Pharmacology

Becoming a pharmacist requires more education than a bachelor’s degree, but it’s a career worth pursuing due to the high salary. Plus, the shortage of pharmacists in Canada means you should have no problem finding a job. A pharmacology degree can also lead to other careers in science and medicine, such as lab work, sales and marketing, or a job as a medical writer.

5. Nursing

The aging population means there should be a continued demand for nurses in Canada. Depending on your ambitions and how much responsibility you want to have, you could complete just a bachelor’s degree, continue your training to become a nurse practitioner, or gain a master’s in nursing to specialize in a particular area.

6. Software Engineering

A sector that is growing fast and showing no signs of slowing is software development. With a software engineering degree, you’ll be equipped to design and maintain software for a variety of purposes. Similar degrees that also have great career prospects include computer science and computer engineering. With a computer science degree, you’ll learn more about data and algorithms, whereas a computer engineering degree can lead to a career designing or building computer systems.

7. Geosciences

Projections for growth in the mining industry in Canada over the upcoming years mean that a degree in geosciences is among the best options for a degree. It can lead to a wide range of careers — from exploration to environmental consulting. You may choose to specialize in minerals or in petroleum.

8. Civil Engineering

Another industry undergoing big changes at the moment is construction. Over the next few years, there will be a decreased need for new residential buildings and more demand for large projects that require the expertise of civil engineers. By studying a degree in civil engineering, you could be involved in projects designing and building infrastructure like water supply networks, roads, and bridges.

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