June 9, 2024

Exploring Side Hustle Ideas for Students

For students looking to make some spending money, a great alternative to a part-time job is a side hustle. Unlike a formal job, you can fit your side hustle around your schedule, working more when you’re not busy with classes and taking time off completely if you’re unavailable, such as during exam periods. Here are a few options that make for the best side hustles for students.

1. House Sitting

Many pet parents need to leave their animals behind when they’re travelling. They turn to house sitters to ensure their furry or feathered family members receive the attention they deserve while they’re gone. Sign up for a house sitting service to spend the occasional weekend (or longer) taking care of pets, watering plants, and carrying out basic chores. You’ll likely find there are often jobs available in your area.

2. Dog Walking

Another way to work with pets is through dog walking. Advertise your services or sign up on an app. You may be able to fit dog walks into your day between classes. An advantage of this side hustle is it will keep you active.

3. Babysitting

If you have babysitting experience (including through looking after younger siblings), you may be able to find work in childcare. Ask local families if they need someone responsible to watch their kids during evenings or at weekends. If you find gigs for while the children will be asleep, you may be able to use the time to study. To offer your services at a higher rate, invest in credentials like a first aid or CPR certification.

4. Deliveries

If you have your own means of transport (even if that’s just a bike or scooter), you should consider becoming a delivery driver. You’ll pick up meals, groceries, or packages and bring them to people’s homes or businesses.

5. Rideshare Driving

Car owners also have the option of becoming rideshare drivers. Bear in mind that, although the average pay is slightly higher, you may earn less than doing deliveries when you factor in gas and rideshare insurance.

6. Grocery Shopping

If you lack your own mode of transport or prefer a job that doesn’t mean you’ll be driving around, grocery shopping may be an option. This involves finding items customers have ordered and preparing them for pickup. Although the job doesn’t pay tips like deliveries and ride shares often do, your expenses will be minimal.

7. Tutoring

Students often turn to their peers for help with difficult classes or particular skills. If you’ve been earning good grades, promote yourself as a tutor. In addition to providing tutoring to other students at your university, reach out to local schools or try tutoring online to reach more people.

8. Selling Course Notes

Another option for top students is to sell course notes. Make sure you only use legitimate services and don’t sell any graded assignments, as this may lead to allegations of plagiarism.

9. Reselling Items

If you have a knack for finding good deals, you should consider starting a side hustle reselling items online. Head to yard sales and thrift stores on the weekends or even see what you can sell of your own belongings, such as clothes, jewellery, or old textbooks.

10. Odd Jobs

If you’re happy to get your hands dirty, consider providing odd jobs. Depending on your experience with different tasks, you may be able to offer yard work, house cleaning, painting, running errands, or other kinds of manual work. If you have a big network of acquaintances, you may find enough gigs advertising yourself. Alternatively, sign up on an app to connect with locals.

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