November 27, 2022

9 Quick & Affordable Halloween Costumes

University students love Halloween — not least for the chance to dress up. However, putting together a costume quickly and without spending a lot can be stressful. The good news is you have a number of options for costumes that are easy to make and look great.

1. Shrek

To dress as Shrek, all you need is a white shirt, brown pants and a vest, and green face paint. To make your costume even better, ask a friend to accompany you as Donkey. This is another easy costume — it just requires grey clothing and face paint, donkey ears, and perhaps some buck teeth.

2. Unicorn

If you love glittery makeup, there’s no better choice for you than a sparkly unicorn. Buy a unicorn headband, wear something white or shimmery, and you’re set!

3. Mermaid

With just some basic sewing skills, you can easily make a mermaid tail out of a shiny fabric with a pattern resembling scales. It’s better to create a skirt than an actual tail, though — otherwise, you may struggle to walk. As you’ll need to pair your tail with a crop top or bikini, this costume is best suited for indoor events.

4. 80s Fitness Instructor

Head to your local thrift store to search for a colourful 80s jacket and workout clothes (neon is ideal). It’s even better if you lead an aerobics workout at the Halloween party.

5. Lilo

Since Stitch is especially popular right now, you should be able to find a plush pet (if you don’t have one already). Become Lilo by wearing a hula skirt or Hawaiian-style dress.

6. Wednesday Addams

Most girls at university already have a black sweater and skirt in their closet. To pull this costume off, it helps to have long, dark hair that you can put in braids. You’ll also need to maintain a sullen look all night.

7. Bunch of Grapes

Dressing as a bunch of grapes is certainly original — and it’s a much easier costume to create than you may imagine. You simply need to tie purple or green balloons all over your torso and top your head with a wreath of green leaves.

8. Dwight from The Office

Everything you need for a Dwight costume should be easy to find in a thrift store: a yellow shirt, a striped tie, and wire-framed glasses. Make sure you look annoyed throughout the night — unless you’re yelling.

9. Cereal Killer

Halloween is a great opportunity to dress as a terrible pun. One you could use is cereal killer. You’ll need to make your clothes look blood stained and attach the boxes of cereal you’ve killed (mini boxes are the most convenient).

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