June 1, 2022

8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Living Space

If this is your first year of university, you’re likely familiar with the concept of a spring cleaning but probably have never needed to organize one yourself. After several months of living away from home, you’ll see the necessity of a deep clean, even if you have been keeping up with a regular cleaning schedule. In particular, there are a few things you can do that will make a big difference.

1. Order Your Papers

Depending on how many handouts you receive from your professors, you may find that you quickly accumulate a large number of papers. To use these for tasks like projects and preparing for exams, you’ll need to have them organized. Plus, you’re likely to find you have papers like warranties, bills, old class schedules, and receipts lying around, all of which are only useful for a limited amount of time. Use your spring cleaning to create a filing system to store the papers you do need and throw out any you no longer need.

2. Clean Your Desk

Once you’ve sorted your papers, move on to the rest of your desk. Decide what you’ll do with your clutter (either dispose of it or store it elsewhere) to clear enough space to be able to work comfortably. Check you have all the stationery you need, adding anything you’ve run out of to your shopping list.

3. Wipe Down Surfaces

You should be wiping down surfaces on a regular basis. During your spring clean, go a step further by removing anything on countertops, clearing cupboards, and emptying your fridge to wipe the surfaces underneath. You can also use the opportunity to throw away any expired food.

4. Dust Forgotten Areas

Search for cobwebs in places you may have neglected in the past, such as the corners of ceilings and tops of walls. You should also dust your air vents, door frames, appliances, and switch plates.

5. Clean Your Area Rugs

Remove all your area rugs and shake them to remove the dust and dirt. Look for any stains — you can make even tough ones disappear with a little baking soda.

6. Give the Bathroom an Intense Clean

The bathroom is one of the most important places to clean for hygiene purposes. Scrub everything from the shower or tub to the sink and toilet. Leave the bathroom sparkling clean and free of grime.

7. Commit to Better Habits

Ensure that your living space continues to feel comfortable and clean for longer by adopting better habits over the long term. Simple things like making your bed every morning and washing the dishes shortly after eating can have a big impact. For instance, washing dishes will not only mean you have everything you need for your meals, it can also go a long way to prevent conflict with roommates.

8. Listen to Something While You Clean

Make spring cleaning more enjoyable or productive by listening to something. Music can put you in the right frame of mind, whereas a podcast could keep you entertained or a lecture could mean you combine cleaning and study time.

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